Jupiter in Taurus 2011: What Sensuous Delights Await You?

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, finishes its year-long trek through hot-headed Aries and enters cool, sensual Taurus at 9.56 pm EDT tomorrow night. The astrological houses in which Jupiter transits will enjoy the fruits of his benevolence for the next 12 months.  Jupiter will turn retrograde on the 30th of August at 10 degrees of Taurus before turning direct on Christmas Day at 0 degrees of Taurus, before proceeding to finish his transit uninterrupted until the 11th of July, 2012.

As one of the ‘luckiest’ stars in the heavens, Jupiter opens us up to new experiences, to other cultures and different modes of thinking, feeling and being. Jupiter allows us to embrace possibilities that lie beyond our wildest imaginings, challenges us to travel to distant worlds, to learn as much as we can each day, and to fall in love with life with every single breath that we take.

In Aries, Jupiter favored all activities that held elements of the pioneer/ leader.  Aries is motivated, driven, ambitious, and sometimes ruthless about pursuing what he wants. Starting new business ventures was profitable during this time, as was thinking outside the box, daring to be different, and seizing all opportunities that showed off your leadership capacities and abilities to take charge.  In Taurus, Jupiter promises the consolidation of these ventures, lends a stable, secure flavor to enterprises that are well thought out and planned, and brings us more into touch with our material and physical needs.

Taurus is the sign of sensual pleasures and material wellbeing.  Being a fixed earth sign, Taureans are resistant to change and prefer to plod along slowly at a pace that is comfortable to them.  All Taureans have an innate appreciation for the finer things in life, be it vintage wine, gourmet meals or satin sheets. After the whirlwind energy of cardinal fire Aries, Jupiter’s move into laid-back Taurus will provide much needed respite while we take a step back from our hectic schedules and find time for the more simple, intimate pleasures in life.  At this time, we prefer stable, long-lasting relationships that make us feel cherished and secure as opposed to wild flings fraught with passion and drama. Luxury purchases, property and stock investments, as well as a deeper connection with nature and the physical body are all possible manifestations of this transit.

On the downside, an excess of Taurean energy leads to sluggishness and pure sloth.  There can be a tendency with Jupiter’s transit in this sensuous sign to become too fixated on hedonistic and material pleasures.  On one hand, this translates to being consumed by our desires for the good life, be it too much food, too much sex or too much retail therapy.  On the other hand, we risk becoming so fixated on carving out a life based on stability and security that we miss the opportunities that seek us out to be spontaneous, to find magic in the most mundane of things, to fall in love with the simple pleasure of being alive.

How Jupiter’s transit in Taurus will affect you varies based on the house in which Jupiter resides during his year-long stay in this sign. Below are the basic predictions available based on your sun sign but for an accurate representation of how Jupiter in Taurus will affect you, you will need to consult your ascendant/ rising sign (based on the exact time of birth).

Aries: Jupiter in your 2nd house is a positive time for revamping your budget plans, seeking loans, and reevaluating the things and people in your life that matter. This is generally a positive period for all money matters providing you don’t take unwarranted risks with your finances. Investments and purchases of luxury items (property, cars, etc) are favorable.  Expect greater feelings of self-worth and a realization of talents/ skills that previously lay dormant.

Taurus: Jupiter in your 1st house is a wonderful time for a physical/ spiritual/ emotional makeover and for making those changes to your diet/ appearance/ personal value system that you’ve been contemplating for such a long time. Luck abounds, and opportunities present themselves at the most unexpected of times, so be sure to make the most of them. You might frequently find yourself spoiled for choice!  There is a greater faith in the Universe to guide, provide and protect, as well as increased self-confidence and belief in your own capacities. Travel, learning and business are all favored.  Guard against overindulgence: it is all to easy to put on weight during this transit!

Gemini:  Jupiter in your 12th house marks a time of solitude and retreat. Known as the ‘Guardian Angel’ transit, Jupiter here grants deep spiritual insight and enlightenment.  This is a wonderful time for ‘psychic spring-cleaning’ and for volunteering/ charitable activities.  You’ll find that the more you give, the more you receive during this time, in the form of spiritual/ emotional/ financial assistance.  This is a time of great spiritual and emotional renewal.  Expect to emerge from this year-long transit feeling reborn, a brand new person with a sparkling new personality and a vibrant new attitude to match!

Cancer: In the 11th house, Jupiter graces you with gifts through friends and social networks.  There is much joy to be gained through membership/ affiliation with clubs or groups at this time, both for personal and professional reasons.  A revision of long-term goals is possible, as well as the formulation of new plans for the future.  This is an auspicious time to get involved in humanitarian matters as well as buying/selling technology.

Leo:  When Jupiter transits the 10th house, expect big advancements in your professional life and career.  There can be promotions, increase in status and authority, and in some cases, marriage to a person of good standing who holds some clout in the community.  Your public as opposed to private life takes prominence at this time.  Coming into contact with a mentor or a teacher figure is possible at this time, as is a relationship with a significant male who aids your career/ professional development.

Virgo: In the 9th house, Jupiter favors higher education, travel to foreign lands, and the experience of different cultures. Publishing, self-promotion and legal matters figure at this time, as do activities connected with international trade/ foreigners.  Teach, write and learn as much as you can now as it will increase your tolerance and compassion for humanity, and bring you that much closer to the person you desire to be. There can be a rekindling of one’s faith at this time as well as a renewal of interest in religion.

Libra: In the 8th house, Jupiter brings us in touch with issues of power and domination. Joint finances, healing and personal transformation are some of the gifts associated with this transit.  We are blessed with increased psychological understanding and acceptance of ourselves.  Research is favored as are activities having to do with joint partnership/ collaborative teamwork.  Expect greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction in love relationships.  If married, expect financial and emotional support from your partner at this time, as well as an increase in mutual resources.

Scorpio: Jupiter’s move into the 7th house highlights partnerships of all kinds. Marriage, business arrangements and contractual agreements are favored at this time, as well as ventures that bring you into the public eye.  If well-placed, Jupiter brings fame with his move into the 7th house.  If single, a relationship with a person from a different cultural background is possible. If in a difficult relationship, Jupiter dissolves those ties but in this case, the breakup will be experienced as a ‘blessing in disguise’.

Sagittarius: Jupiter’s transit through the 6th house brings you closer to finding meaning in daily routines and your work environment. This can sometimes mean a change of job or profession, but one which brings you deep personal satisfaction. Your health improves during this time though minor complications stemming from overwork are possible. You stand to gain from employees or co-workers during this period, and better working conditions/ environments are likely.

Capricorn: In the 5th house of fun and romance, Jupiter brings you much luck if you are involved in entertainment, the creative arts, or the speculative fields. Romantic opportunities are rife but while passionate and exciting, they might not be long-term in nature. Nevertheless, this is a cheerful, light-hearted transit that will help you reconnect with the things that bring you pleasure in life. Artists and writers may receive recognition for their work during this time.  Relationships with children are favored as well as all matters having to do with childbirth and conception.

Aquarius:  When Jupiter graces the 4th house, there can be much joy to be found in domestic activities and family life.  Inner contentment as well as emotional and psychological balance are likely as you make peace with your roots and most deep-seated experiences of childhood.  Improved relationships with parents, especially the dominant care-giving one, is an additional benefit of this transit. This is a favorable time for house renovations or even relocation.  You find great security in your private as opposed to public life now.  Relationships with women are favorable.

Pisces:  In your 3rd house, Jupiter blesses you with better relations with your siblings, people in your immediate environment and community, as well as bestows you with a desire to learn and broaden your horizon. You could find yourself enrolling in a new course of study at this time, or undertaking seminars or courses to enhance yourself in terms of career or personal development.  New friendships/ partnerships formed during this time are beneficial to professional development.  Short-distance as well as long-distance travel is also likely. Much pleasure can be gained from learning as well as through creative endeavors such as writing and arts-and-crafts.


Tarot associations:

Jupiter: The Wheel of Fortune

Taurus: The Empress (Venus), The Heirophant


Tips for making the most out of Jupiter’s transit in Taurus:

  • Celebrate abundance; the more you allow yourself to give, the more your capacity to receive is enhanced.
  • Indulge in a sensual massage, a gourmet meal, a new silk outfit.  Find pleasure in physical/ material pursuits.
  • Recognize your talents and skills and find ways to make hobbies profitable.
  • Take a class on horticulture or sign up for a course on mastering French cuisine!
  • Create something special everyday, be it a poem, a meal, or the act of falling in love.
  • Honor your body, and you will find the God/ Goddess within.


Interested in how Jupiter’s move into Taurus will affect you specifically? Curious about what magic and opportunities await just around the corner?  Feel free to contact me for an astrological/ tarot consultation so we can see just what the stars have in store for you.  You can reach me at : mementomori666@gmail.com





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