Lunar Eclipse June 15, 2011: The Archer’s Lessons

A Lunar Eclipse occurs at 24 degrees of Sagittarius tonight between 11:53 pm (15th June) and 3:32 am (16th June).  Eclipses are more potent than a normal full moon because it tends to bring about a crisis of consciousness.  While solar eclipses tend to be more impersonal in nature, focusing on opportunities for personal/ spiritual/ social advancement, lunar eclipses are more concerned with how we navigate through the different relationships in our lives.  Relationships here are not confined to those of the romantic variety but rather, extends to encompass partnerships with colleagues, family members, and how we co-exist with those in our immediate and more global environments.

Because of its emphasis on relationships, more break-ups happen around the time of a lunar eclipse than at any other point in the year, save Venus retrograde.  A crisis of consciousness can pertain to a sudden awareness of a lack in a relationship, between one party or both. At the same time, an eclipse can trigger the opposite: an awareness of a need for the other person and so, relationships can be formed as well as broken under this influence.  It is generally advised to put off any serious decision-making for at least a week after the eclipse has passed. If in a romantic quandary, it is best to reserve all judgement until after the 22nd of June.

Occurring along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis at this time, this eclipse asks us to confront the polarity between the ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ minds, and find a happy equilibrium between the two.  Logic (Gemini) vs Intuition (Sagittarius), Local (Gemini) vs Global (Sagittarius) and Short-Distance Travel (Gemini) vs Long-Distance Travel (Sagittarius) are all themes that can predominate now. When the moon occupies Sagittarius, we become more concerned with finding meaning in worlds outside our own. Other people’s experiences are important to us, and we can have a healthy appreciation for other cultures and a desire to travel and experience the world.  Sagittarius is concerned with finding meaning in the mundane, and values both the spirit and the intellect in this quest.  At this time, there can be a greater need to connect with foreign cultures, to find a new religion, to develop a greater sense of spiritual awareness, as well as to learn. Don’t be surprised if at this time you find yourself wanting to:

  • Go back to school or pick up a new mode of study
  • Travel to exotic locales with a view of broadening your horizons
  • Discover religion or other modes of spirituality
  • Have more freedom in your personal relationships
  • Write, read, or pick up hobbies that challenge you to grow intellectually and spiritually

How the eclipse will affect you specifically depends on the astrological houses which it is triggering.  Use your time of birth to find the sign of your ascendant as this will tell you at which point in the birthchart the eclipse will fall.

1st/ 7th House: There will be a focus on redefining your image or personality at this time. There is a greater need for independence, and struggles between personal autonomy and dependence can occur. The key during this eclipse is to focus on yourself and what is truly important to you. Opportunities to showcase your leadership abilities may arise. If in a partnership, then this makes the need for a distinction between ‘self’ and ‘other’ even more important. Marriages and long-term partnerships can undergo tests at this time. Difficult relationships will disintegrate under this influence. Eclipses can also bring new partners into your life that test you in creating boundaries between yourself and the other.

2nd/ 8th House: The eclipse here will function as a sort of cosmic push towards revising your financial/ budgetary plans. Issues of personal power and self-esteem can surface, as can explorations into personal attitudes, values and beliefs.  Beware of borrowing/ lending money at this time. Delay all major purchases/ investments until after the 22nd of June. If in a romantic or business partnership, issues of shared resources come into focus. Possible gains through the spouse is possible. There can be some drama surrounding taxes, debts and investments, joint or otherwise.

3rd/ 9th House: Dramas surrounding siblings, neighbors and modes of transportation can arise at this time.  Accidents and car break-downs are common when eclipses trigger the third house. Be extra careful with paperwork during this period: remember to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Travel and education plans can come into fruition. Publishing and promotion opportunities can abound as well. This is an excellent time to learn something new, be it for pleasure or for career. Take up meditation, reconnect with your faith, explore anything that smacks of the exotic or alternative.

4th/ 10th House: Common crises during this time involve having to find a balance between your private and public lives. There can be a need for home renovations, or troubles with/ support from the dominant care-giving parent. Your personal struggles between your masculine and feminine selves can become more apparent now. A major career-related project can be completed and other significant career opportunities can come your way.

5th/ 11th House: Eclipses here test the longevity and staying-power of romantic affairs. If you have children, some drama surrounding them is possible as children can go through important developmental changes at this time. Conception/ childbirth are more likely too. A hobby can turn profitable, and there can be a desire to express your creative impulses in new and novel ways. Friendships and group affiliations can be tested during this period.

6th/ 12th House: Your health and daily routines will come into focus and major breakthroughs can be experienced in these areas. This can be a very busy time, running errands and juggling chores both important and menial.  A change of jobs is possible if dissatisfied with current routines, and there can be more interest taken in maintaining a positive equilibrium between physical and emotional states of being. This is a good time to go on a diet or take out a gym membership. Sometimes, a matter that has been brewing under the surface can erupt into conscious awareness, for better or worse. Scandals can surface, as well as unexpected developments in personal relationships with partners/ colleagues.

The effects of an eclipse are most potent in the 2-4 weeks after it occurs, but often lingers for 3-6 months after the event.

Interested in how the eclipse of June 15 will affect you specifically? Contact me for a consultation at so we can see what opportunities/ challenges await you.


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