Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011: War and Peace

Tis’ the season for eclipses! 2011 has witnessed 3 so far, beginning with the partial solar eclipse on the 4th of January and proceeding with two in June, a second solar eclipse on the 1st of June and a total lunar eclipse on the 15th of June. The eclipse of July the 1st will mark yet another in a series of 4 partial solar eclipses occurring in 2011. Solar eclipses are representative of new beginnings and usually manifest as external opportunities as opposed to lunar eclipses which portend a time of significant growth and development on more emotional/ spiritual planes.

Occurring at 9 degrees and 12 minutes of Cancer between 7:53 and 9:23 UTC (Universal Time), this eclipse brings us significant developments in and around our homes. We take more comfort or umbrage with our families at this time, and the dominant care-giving parent can be experienced either as a source of support or stress. As I write this, minor renovations are being conducted at home, fitting in quite nicely with the overall theme of this eclipse. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is concerned with the quest for security, striving to create a safe environment for itself and others. Our relationships and friendships might require more care at this time and we are naturally more sensitive to how our interactions affect others and the environment we live in. Cancer’s rulership of the 4th house in astrology points to our childhood, our hidden hurts and vulnerabilities, the private side of ourselves that we strive to keep separated from our more public lives. As Cancer also represents our earliest experiences, parental conditioning and roots, there could be epiphanies/ awakenings surrounding these matters at this time.

Look to the house ruled by Cancer in your natal birth chart to see what opportunities/ challenges might be triggered during this eclipse. People with personal points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant) between 5-14 degrees of Cancer will feel the effects more strongly than others. It is important to note that this eclipse is the final one in a series of eclipses triggering the Cancer-Capricorn axis. It indicates a resolution to a difficult situation that would have transpired in mid-2009, so challenges experienced during that time will see a gradual fading away now. I recommend using the 2 weeks between the eclipse and the full moon on the 15th of July as a period in which you actively go about severing unwanted relationships/ tying up loose ends. Out with the old, in with the new!

This eclipse promises to be an especially powerful one due to the Cardinal Grand-Cross aspects the Sun and Moon are forming with heavy-hitters Pluto, Uranus and Saturn. The sun and moon in Cancer are receiving tight squares from Saturn in Libra, the planet of karma and limitations. An opposition from retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (death, transformation, rebirth) and we could experience an overwhelming urge to throw off the shackles of propriety and do something outrageous to shake up the status quo. Compounded by a second tight square from impulsive Uranus in firebrand Aries, the desire to shoot off our mouths all for the sake of asserting ourselves can be hard to resist. Tensions, internal and external, could run high at this time due to the conflicting nature of Saturn and Uranus. When Saturn says stop, Uranus says go. Uranus runs hot, Saturn runs cold. You get the picture. Throw in a ruthless, domineering criminal mastermind like Pluto into the mix and what you have is a no-holds-barred psychological warfare. Beware of burning bridges at this time, either consciously or subconsciously, and guard against the impulse to create chaos for the sake of having something exciting to do. This eclipse can stir up a fair bit of resentment if we’re unhappy with the life-domains ruled by Cancer in the natal chart, but it is important to keep in mind that we are being presented with the opportunities to right previous wrongs, and to carve better futures through valuing our relationships with those closest to us.

Because Cancer rules the breasts, stomach and pancreatic system, holding onto unresolved feelings/ situations may trigger stomach ulcers, gastric problems and asthma/ breathing complications. Watching what you eat can be beneficial at this time as these anatomical regions can be weakened. Too much spice can contribute to heartburn and a host of other gastric ailments, as can excessive consumption of dairy and fat.

A final word on the upcoming eclipse: The sun and moon are representative of our masculine and feminine selves, and an eclipse occurring in Moon-ruled Cancer can trigger a crisis of consciousness in how well we have succeeded in integrating both aspects of our psyche. Opportunities can present themselves in such a way that we now need to challenge ourselves to step outside of our traditional/ conditioned roles.

How the eclipse will manifest depends on what points/ houses will be stimulated in your own personal birth chart. Knowing your ascendant helps as this will pinpoint the location of the eclipse. Knowledge of other personal points in the natal chart will also provide insight into what opportunities/ challenges present at this time. Feel free to contact me at   for an in-depth look at how the partial solar eclipse of July the 1st will affect you.


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