July Tarot & Astrology Promotional Offer

July promises to be an exciting month what with important planetary line-ups taking place over the next few weeks. Uranus, the planet ruling sudden changes, will be turning retrograde on the 10th of July at 4 degrees 33 minutes of Aries, marking a time when much confusion can arise. Trickster Mercury will be retrograde for almost all of August and Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will follow suit on the 30th of August and remain retrograde until the last week of December. Retrograde planets represent a time of ‘turning inwards’, when transformation is more likely to occur on emotional/ spiritual rather than physical/ material planes. Opportunities for change and transformation abound, but how do we make the most of a potentially intense and volatile time without compromising the need to maintain equilibrium in other areas of our lives?

For the entire month of July, I will be offering a discount on:

Mid-Year Forecast (Tarot and 6-month Astrology Report) – RM 135 for a 2 hour consultation

Normal Price: RM 200

Relationship Reading – RM 50 for a 1 hour consultation

Normal Price: RM 100

“The Soul-Mate Contract” – RM 75 for a 1.5 hour consultation (90 minutes)

New Item: Using a combination of tarot and oracle cards to explore the dynamics of past and present romantic relationships. Focus on uncovering your soul’s deepest needs with regards to love, intimacy and sexual satisfaction, as well as how to attract the perfect partner into your life.

Please contact me at mementomori666@gmail.com for further details or to make an appointment.



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