Tarot Promotion August 2011

July has proven to be an emotional rollercoaster for many, thanks in part to the potent solar eclipse in Cancer on the 1st of the month, followed by electric Uranus turning retrograde soon after on the 9th. Breakups, disagreements, and a sudden realization of our values being in conflict with another’s are all themes that have surfaced in the volcanic three and a half weeks post-eclipse.  These themes look to carry on into the month of August, with intensity continuing to surface in our personal interactions and most intimate relationships. With a host of planets occupying Cancer and Leo, struggles to find balance between the masculine and the feminine, between action and being passive, and between the self and the other will continue to dominate much of our emotional consciousness. A major theme surfacing now on the Leo-Cancer (Sun-Moon) spectrum is the desire for independence and self-expression in our relationships versus the need to love/ be loved and to nurture.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will be turning retrograde on the 2nd of August at 1 degree 12 minutes of Virgo and resuming its forward motion on the 26th of August at 16 degrees 42 minutes of Leo.  Extra care must be taken with personal and professional correspondence at this time as there can be a tendency to gloss over the details in favour of the bigger picture. Periods of Mercury retrograde are inauspicious for travel, signing contracts, making long-term plans and changing jobs. There can be technological malfunctions at this time as well as problems with transport. Delays and obstructions in career/ relationships are a few of the common frustrations that surface during this period as well.  Retrograde Neptune backtracks into Aquarius on the 4th of August so avoid purchase of new electronic equipment in the two weeks prior to and after this date. If possible, avoid major purchases completely during the time when Mercury is retrograde, only because a change of heart is all too likely once the planet completes its retrograde phase and resumes its forward motion.

For the month of August, I will be offering a discount on:

Relationship Reading – RM 50 for a 1 hour consultation

Normal Price: RM 100

Love him? Leave him? Can’t decide? Let’s explore the core magic binding the two of you to each other.

Head Versus Heart Reading – RM 100 for a 90 minute (1.5 hour) consultation

Normal Price: RM 150

Caught between two extremes? At a relationship/ career crossroads? Explore ways to find a balance between your soul’s needs and the demands of the real world without compromising self-love and happiness.

For all other readings, a standard charge of RM 100 per hour applies. Tarot-and-astrology forecasts (6-12 months) available upon request.

Please contact me at mementomori666@gmail.com for further details or to make an appointment.

You can also find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shades-of-Midnight-Tarot-Reading-Astrology-Consultations/127147517370338


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