Seduction by the Stars: Part 1 – Moon Him

One of the main instances that people seek out a tarot reader/ astrologer is when they’ve reached a crossroads or impasse in their romantic relationships. Most tarot readers dread having to do love spreads, only because clients present themselves in various states of denial, ranging from misty-eyed hopefulness to full-blown cases of abject delusion. In the aftermath of a breakup, in the throes of unrequited love, most clients (99% of which are women) seek out a tarot reading or astrological consultation to validate how ‘compatible’ they are with their partners. It seems as if the mysticism inherent to the profession of tarot reading/astrology significantly raises the chances of him crawling back to you, begging for a second chance. How I wish this were so! Most recently, I had a client asking if I could weave a love charm to help her win the man of her dreams. Witch doctor I am not, but I hastened to assure the lady that while true love can never be forced, there are a few options available to a woman if she’s keen on capturing the affections of a man she desires. Mind, while this does not indicate relationship success in the long run nor guarantee that he’s ever going to meet you at the altar, it does significantly enhance the stakes in your favour if, at the very least, all you’re aiming for is a date and not a promise of forever.

Panting after that dark, handsome stranger you see slinking around the office water-cooler? Enamored by your sloe-eyed neighbor (whom you fancy is secretly a Gypsy prince in disguise) but don’t know how to best win his affections?  Obtaining a copy of his natal chart will give you the winning strategy you desire (easier said than done, all ethical issues aside).  For now, let’s proceed on the assumption that you know the dashing stranger’s birth details. Then what?  The first thing you need to do is look to the position of his Moon and Venus. The Moon and Venus are the ‘feminine’ planets in a man’s horoscope and together, show the type of woman he is most attracted to. Venus shows how his sexual ardor can be kindled while the Moon is an excellent indicator of the personality he is seeking for in an ideal mate. The Moon also describes his own most primal emotional nature so acting in a way that is compatible with his natural impulses is guaranteed to bring about a feeling of kinship. So even if the two of you don’t end up in bed together, you’ll at least have made a steadfast new friend.

Moon in Aries: He is attracted to a woman who is bold, adventurous and independent. She should be child-like without being immature, and vibrant with a mischievous sense of fun. Risk-takers appeal to him, as are those with a natural sense of spontaneity and fire. A woman who says what’s on her mind and takes the lead in romance is likely to captivate him. He prefers a sense of competition in his interactions and a woman who’s not afraid to ‘fight’ with him is bound to arouse his passions. He finds militant women sexy, as well as those of a slightly aggressive temperament who are not afraid to go after what they want. Fun is important to him in his relationships, as is a sense of vitality and danger.

Moon in Taurus: A sensuous woman who appreciates the finer things in life is most likely to appeal to a man with this moon position. She should be earthy and have traditional values, be practical as well as domesticated. A woman with an appreciation for gourmet meals, vintage wines and the sensual pleasures in life has the greatest chance of winning his heart. He is, by nature, a solid and dependable person and looks for similar qualities in his mate. A sensible, reliable partner who is able to balance the checkbook, take care of a passel of kids and manage to have a hot meal on the table when he comes home from work is guaranteed to have him head-over-heels in love.

Moon in Gemini: Good conversation, intellectual rapport and a sharp mind are a few of the things lunar Gemini males are drawn to. Communication is essential to them, and a certain sharpness of tongue and a quicksilver wit are guaranteed turn-ons in verbal flirtation. He has a deathly fear of boredom so a woman who is best able to stimulate his mind stands the greatest chance of gaining access to other parts of his anatomy. There can sometimes be a tendency to be attracted to erratic or high-strung women who are better talkers than they are listeners. A partner must be interesting, be adept at charm and flirtation, and above all, must never ever be boring.

Moon in Cancer: This position of the moon produces a liking for women who are sensitive, nurturing and comforting. Those with pronounced maternal instincts, old-fashioned values and a love for home and family will win his affections without much difficulty. There can sometimes be a tendency to be attracted to a woman who (depending on the man’s relationship with his mother) is much like his mother or embodies his vision of the perfect mother. Women who are gentle, compassionate and loving arouse his passions. Aggressive women are experienced as turn-offs. This is a man who wants very much to be mothered, cuddled, and coddled. If you are domesticated, an accomplished cook, and are as fertile as a meadow in spring, then so much the better!

Moon in Leo:  He is attracted to women who are loud, confident, and possibly even a little bit bossy. More than any other moon placement (save for Libra), lunar Leos tend to view their partners as extensions of themselves. A mate needs to look as good on his arm as in his bed, and he is attracted to women with bold, dramatic looks who turn heads when they are out in public. A passionate, dramatic personality stands the greatest chance of winning his heart. He has a driving need to adore and be adored, and seeks uncompromising loyalty from his partner. He desires appreciation for his talents and abilities, falling into an insecure funk when attention is not forthcoming.  Expressing an interest (if not a talent) for theater, music and art is guaranteed to capture his own.

Moon in Virgo: Male lunar Virgoans express a preference for a woman who is neat, methodical, pays attention to detail and is courteous, efficient and professional in all her dealings. She should be conservative in her outlook and appearance, be well-mannered and polite, and be a loyal and faithful partner. Because the moon in Virgo most often produces hypochondriacs, he appreciates a woman who is health-conscious and who understands the value of a proper diet/ exercise regimen. This position, more than any other, has very high standards for a potential partner and desires that she be nothing short of perfect. Frequently, a discovery that his mate is only human and susceptible to the same flaws and foibles as the rest of us can result in a critical, nitpicky disposition. To win a man with this moon position, be kind and discriminating, and show him you care by paying attention to details. He will reward you with much the same.

Moon in Libra:  He is drawn to women who are classy, elegant and sophisticated with an easy, winsome charm about them. Graceful, feminine women who are partial to romance and the softer things in life appeal to him. He is strongly motivated to seek harmony in his personal relationships so a non-confronting, non-aggressive partner who is tactful, diplomatic and easy to communicate with stands a good chance of ending up with him at the altar. While he desires commitment in his relationship, he does not want a possessive mate. A committed relationship must not stand in his way of a little harmless flirtation and socializing with other women. He is drawn to women who are active in social causes and have strong political leanings.

Moon in Scorpio: Passion and intensity are keywords for the lunar Scorpio male as they desire a woman who is dynamic, powerful, and oftentimes mysterious and/or unattainable. A woman with an interest in the occult and the supernatural, or who is gifted in this fashion, is viewed as desirable. Oftentimes, men with this moon position look for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, who owns a certain raw animal magnetism and who exudes a powerful sexual aura. He needs a partner who can match him on all levels, a woman fully confident in her own attractiveness and personal power, who is not afraid to play overt/ covert psychological and emotional games with him. An element of danger/ the taboo adds to the frisson of passion.

Moon in Sagittarius: An attraction to philosophical women who are educated, widely-traveled and who hail from all walks of life. A friendly demeanour, physically active and with an interest in sports, he is looking for a partner who is as much a companion as a lover, one who is willing to participate in all areas of life with him, romantic or otherwise. An ideal mate must be frank, upfront and honest, someone who is humorous and idealistic and generous. He needs freedom and space in his relationships so clingy, overly-dependent women are experienced as turn-offs. This position of the moon produces a liking for foreigners, or people who hold dramatically differing viewpoints in terms of religion or politics.

Moon in Capricorn: The perfect partner is someone who is socially acceptable, driven to succeed in her professional life, and who is competent in the management of her finances. As a youth, he is attracted to older women who exude ‘executive’ auras, but as he himself grows older, younger women become infinitely more appealing. A woman looking to garner his interest must be mature and responsible, reliable and faithful. A certain amount of shyness and reservation is associated with this moon position so a non-threatening, conservative partner is most commonly sought. Discussions about finance, politics and other matters of national interest is guaranteed to whet his appetite.

Moon in Aquarius: This position of the moon produces a personality that is independent, free-spirited and unconventional, driving him to seek a partner who shares these qualities. A certain degree of aloofness or coldness is viewed as appealing but overt signs of emotionalism turn him off. One of the quickest ways to send this man packing is to pressure him for an emotional commitment. He is steadfast in his belief that two people should be friends first before a relationship can blossom. He is attracted to women with eccentric hobbies and interests, and who are a little offbeat and ‘strange’. He values space and freedom, but is devoted and loyal once he commits.

Moon in Pisces: He has a driving need to play the knight in shining armour who rescues the damsel in distress from her ivory tower prison. His notion of the perfect woman includes someone who is mysterious, sensitive and passive, perhaps one who is needy, just a touch clingy, and emotionally-dependent. Those with a flair for art or poetry captivate his interest, as are those motivated to help the poor and deprived. He looks for sympathy and compassion in his partner, and is very turned on by women who ‘need’ him. Women who are shy and not very confident arouse his passions and his desire to protect them.

Bear in mind that these descriptions of lunar positions are not conclusive and need to be taken into account alongside the man’s Venus position. While the Moon rules his emotional sensibilities and his most primal desires, Venus is more an indicator of what he finds aesthetically pleasing. Combining the descriptions of his Moon (temperament) and Venus (sexual desire) gives an idea of how best to attract a man of your choosing. This, however, must be considered alongside the placement of the Moon and Venus in his natal chart as well as how dominant these planets are in his emotional make-up. Other astrological points such as the Ascendant, Sun and Mars are also significant contributors to how both men and women approach love, sex and romance in their lives.

Above all, remember that true love can never be forced. Masquerading to seduce can be a fun and hedonistic pursuit but long-term guarantees of a relationship and commitment are not possible. After all, true love sees beyond the veil to the mirror of the soul…where the core of You shines bright and true.


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