September 2011 Tarot Promotion

Has August left you in a breathless daze, wondering how things could have taken such an unexpectedly intense turn?  Are you reeling from the recent loss of a relationship, tearing your hair out over that check that got lost in the mail, beating yourself up about not crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s before submitting the paperwork for that loan application? Blame Mercury retrograde. As the planet of communication, Mercury turns retrograde approximately 3-4 times a year, highlighting an intense three weeks when all manner of things can go wrong. It is ill-advised to make long-term plans at this time, and the lines of communication can get crossed at the best of moments, so astrologers advise putting off important decisions until this period has passed. On the plus side though, Mercury retrograde can bring important people and opportunities into our life, making us aware of dormant skills and talents that lie in wait to be discovered. I wrote an entire book during the last Merc Rx period in April when I met a publisher who told me she was keen on reading my work. Though plans to get my book published with her didn’t work out, I still achieved something momentous during the period and am now engaged in a past-time that has proven to be immensely pleasurable and profitable.

September promises to be less intense than August now that Mercury has completed its retrograde phase and resumed forward motion at 16 degrees of Leo on the 26th of August. The events of the past three weeks will assume clearer form over the coming fortnight, and we will now begin to assimilate the myriad experiences gleaned into our greater emotional consciousness. However, bountiful Jupiter turns retrograde on the 30th of August at 10 degrees of Taurus and will remain retrograde until the 26th of December when it resumes forward motion at 0 degrees of Taurus. Jupiter, when direct, brings us a wealth of luck and opportunities through external sources without requiring us to invest much of our time or resources into making things happen. When retrograde, however, we are faced with the challenge of creating our own luck. This can be a time when feeling optimistic might be harder than usual, and it is common to experience a certain amount of dejection or lack of motivation depending on the house (life domain) in which retrograde Jupiter is transiting. In Taurus, issues having to do with security and stability, both financially and in our most intimate relationships, can surface. We are motivated to seek both kinds of security at this time but need to be reminded that opportunities to do so may not present themselves immediately. The key is to guard against frustration and to continue to do our best while maintaining personal integrity at all times.

For the month of September, I will be offering a discount on:

Romance Package: RM 250 for a standard relationship reading and a synastry report.

Normal Price: RM 300

An in-depth look at the dynamics of your relationship using both tarot and astrology.

Chakra Reading: RM 100 for a 90 minute (1.5 hour) consultation

Normal Price: RM 150

Feeling blocked? Unable to manifest your deepest dreams and wishes? Explore the best way to realign your energy centers with your higher purpose.

For all other readings, a standard charge of RM 100 per hour applies. Please contact me at for further details or to make an appointment.

Love, light and infinite blessings.



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