Short Sips: Coffee-House Flash Fiction Vol 2.

Today marks the beginning of September, the official start of the fall season, and I’m left wondering where the other three quarters of 2011 have gone. It has been an eventful year to say the least, with many important people and opportunities appearing in my life, enabling me to make significant headway in my personal, professional and spiritual endeavors. Though my collection of short fiction and poetry has yet to be officially published, I have had a moderate amount of success getting a couple of pieces here and there into anthologies put out by the small press. I hope to get back to writing with a vengeance this month as I’ve been sidetracked by a number of other projects in the past few weeks. I have my eye on a couple of anthologies I’d like to write for. And apart from compiling material for a second collection of dark-themed short stories, I’m also eager to keep to my resolution to have at least 25 pieces of short fiction written (if not published) by year’s end. 14 down, 9 more to go. Woohoo!

I recently had one of my stories ‘Jasmine and Joss-Sticks’ shortlisted for inclusion into the Night Terrors 2 anthology. Though I didn’t end up making the final cut, I’m gratified that Wicked East Press accepted my piece for their Short Sips: Coffee-House Flash Fiction Vol 2 collection. This is an anthology comprising flash fiction (500-1500 word) stories by 100 different authors; bite-sized literary nuggets perfect for indulging between client appointments or between stops on the subway. The anthology’s tentative release date is scheduled for December 2011 though I wish it was coming out sooner!  The cover for this book is just gorgeous and I’m so honored to have a piece featured in it.

Cover Art for 'Short Sips: Coffee-House Flash Fiction Vol 2'

In other news, Static Movement’s Tales of Salt and Sorrow anthology is now available on and contains my short story ‘Siren’, one of the original pieces from my own collection.  Here’s hoping that I will have my own collection published by year’s end, with enough material compiled so I can think about getting book 2 out in 2012!


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