Solar Eclipse November 25, 2011: Journeys of the Soul

A partial solar eclipse (new moon eclipse) will occur at 2 degrees 37 minutes of Sagittarius at 1:09 a.m. EST.  New moon eclipses are representative of new beginnings and usually manifest as external opportunities as opposed to lunar eclipses which portend a time of significant growth and development on more emotional/ spiritual planes.  The partial solar eclipse of November 25th is the last of the 4 new moon eclipses taking place in 2011, with the most recent one occurring on the 1st of July at 9 degrees and 12 minutes of Cancer.    Because new beginnings are common at the time of these eclipses, it would be useful to think back to the month prior to and after the last solar eclipse, and to reflect on the opportunities and challenges that surfaced around that time.

In Sagittarius, the sign of Mutable Fire, this eclipse has the potential to trigger new beginnings in areas surrounding higher education, law, our personal philosophies and beliefs, religion, politics, publishing, foreign affairs and international travel.  Jupiter, as ruler of Sagittarius, is currently in retrograde motion in the early degrees of Taurus, indicating some frustrations and delays in the manifesting of these new opportunities.  The eclipse forms a tight quincunx to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus, and matters surrounding our finances, resources and perceptions of material security could be challenged now.  We might be tempted to overspend and overindulge, perhaps in a bid towards helping these new opportunities prosper and blossom, so extra care must be taken with both our pocketbook as well as what we are willing to do to help ourselves feel more secure.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in its retrograde phase through Sagittarius, and we might tend to gloss over details at this time in favour of the bigger picture.  Compounding the Sagittarian nature to be overly optimistic and reckless, we can be extra careless at this time.  Details must be attended to when making travel arrangements, drawing up contracts and agreements, and making long-term plans for the future. It is best to stave off all important decision-making during the periods when Mercury is retrograde, in this instance between the 23rd of November til the 14th of December.  Guard against impulsive purchases and commitments until this period has passed, though the one week prior to and after the retrograde is considered inauspicious as well.  The solar eclipse will also be affected by a square to Mars in Virgo, and with the ruler of Mars retrograde at the time of the eclipse, we can experience a scattering of focus and general fluctuations in mood.  We can be on edge at this time, and are in danger of letting our irritability get the better of us.  Extra care must be paid to all written and spoken communication at this time.

This solar eclipse has the potential to trigger significant developments in areas pertaining to religion, politics, foreign affairs, publishing and higher education, but how it will affect each of us specifically depends upon the astrological house in the natal chart triggered by the eclipse.While new beginnings are typically the flavor with all solar eclipses, this effect can be challenged by difficult planetary contacts between natal and elliptical chart points.  So while important breakthroughs can occur, they might manifest alongside a fair degree of drama and tension.  For example, some of us might meet a new partner at this time, and due to the Sagittarian influence, this individual could be of a different religious or cultural background.  In order to embrace this ‘new beginning’, we might need to let go of certain outmoded perceptions of what a ‘perfect’ partner can represent, or to a more difficult extent, let go of an existing relationship in order to be with someone new.  Therefore, while new beginnings can occur, a ‘death’ or ‘letting go’ of old situations and relationships is necessary before these opportunities can manifest fully.

Fortunately, a trine between the eclipse and Uranus in Aries allows us to be more spontaneous and accepting of change.  Uranus is known for gifting us with flashes of brilliant insight, so during this time, we need to capitalize on these moments of unanticipated genius and make the most of these burst of creativity.  Thinking outside the box, daring to be original, and turning our nose up at the status quo are all bound to ruffle a few feathers, but important personal and career developments can occur at this time if we dare to venture outside our comfort zone.  This is the time to embrace more freedom in our personal relationships, and to bring a touch of the avant-garde to our creative and professional ventures.  There can be important scientific discoveries at this time, as well as exciting technological breakthroughs due to the Uranian influence.  All pioneering activities are highlighted though courage and enthusiasm must be tempered with a healthy dose of common sense.  Due to the Arien and Sagittarian (Fire) influences, our passions can run high but so too can our tendencies to flirt with danger.

It is important to remember that how the solar eclipse of November 25th manifests will depend on the personal play between points in an individual’s natal chart with the new moon in Sagittarius.  Look to the house ruled by Sagittarius in your personal natal chart to see what area of life will be stimulated by the upcoming eclipse. Factors such as time of birth, place of birth and date of birth must be considered in tandem before any conclusive prediction can be made.  Do feel free to contact me at for an in-depth look at what challenges and opportunities lie in store for you in the 6 months post-eclipse.

In Sagittarius, we are motivated to explore, learn, and be open-minded, compassionate, and philosophical. Teaching, publishing, studying, and travelling are but a few of the ways in which we can embrace the Sagittarian opportunities that might present themselves to us during the eclipse.  We are driven to seek out new experiences and above all, to temper the passion in our hearts with the courage to stand up for our beliefs and go the distance.  Happy journeying!


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