Tarot and Astrology Forecast Offer (New Year Package), December 2011

Tomorrow will mark the 1st of December, and as I write this and reflect upon all that has transpired in the months leading up to this point, I can’t help but wonder where 2011 has gone.  It’s been an eventful year, to say the least, filled with ups and downs on both a personal and professional level.  Life continues to be a rollercoaster (do the highest of the highs ever make up for the lowest of the lows?) but on the whole, it’s been a definite improvement over the chaotic mess that was 2010.  There have been subtle shifts on both emotional and spiritual levels, as well as unexpected (but not unwelcome) opportunities for personal and career development.  Letting go has been easier in 2011, though it is not without some sadness that I bid farewell to the relationships and events that have helped shape who I am.  I have more insight into my own personal motivations, am more willing to fight for what I want than to surrender it to chance.  Perhaps most importantly, I have been blessed with the knowledge and the wisdom to know when to fight and when to let go.

2011 has been an astrologically busy year.  We’ve witnessed a total of 5 eclipses so far, with another full moon eclipse looming on the not-too-distant horizon in the second week of December. All eclipses function to bring about a crisis of consciousness, which then manifest as either external or internal dramas.  Though existing relationships can be tested at this time, there can also be opportunities for new ones to be formed. The first of the eclipse series took place in January, with the partial solar eclipse in Capricorn setting the theme for the first half of 2011 through conservatism, hard work, and success through discipline.  A lot of us were putting the finishing touches on projects we’d been working on in 2010 while the rest of us were preparing to start endeavors, both personal and professional, that would take up much of our time in 2011.  There could have been difficulties between finding enough time for our professional responsibilities (Capricorn) as opposed to our domestic obligations (Cancer).  This would have been most prominent in June and July.  Eclipses this year fall along two spectrums: Capricorn-Cancer and Gemini-Sagittarius.  Our public and private lives clamor for dominance with the first pairing while in the second, we are faced with issues of communication and learning, and how we view the world at large.  The latter would figure more in the second half of 2011.

Jupiter turned direct in Aries on the 22nd of Jan, marking a time when success was achieved easiest through courage, enthusiasm and daring to challenge the status-quo.  There could have been internal battles between wanting to do what was right and needing to go the distance, to carve new identities for ourselves, to discover meaning in different roles and relationships while holding on to the traditions and norms that have shaped our lives thus far. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, entered Pisces on the 8th of Feb followed by volatile Uranus’ move into Aries on the 11th of March.  Greater interest in new-age and holistic medicine, music, drama, and art as sources of internal and external healing became prominent with the former while the latter saw an increase in natural disasters worldwide, a theme that will continue for the next 8 years.

Communicator Mercury has turned retrograde 3 times in 2011, each time in fire signs.  It is currently in its final retrograde phase of the year in Sagittarius before it resumes forward motion on the 15th of December.  A lot of us found the summer months (Jun-Sept) to be the most dynamic of the year, given Jupiter’s move into bountiful Taurus in the first week of June, 3 eclipses taking place over the course of a month (1st June, 15th June, and 1st July), and Mercury retrograding in Leo in early August.  For me, April and August have been the most dynamic months of 2011, with unexpected opportunities surfacing and propelling me forward into wonderful experiences.  Jupiter’s retrograde phase commenced on the 30th of August, heralding a time when all the opportunities that surfaced in the earlier months were brought under for review.  The shift at this time was from the external to the internal, and whether forced or volitional, October and November saw a consolidating of these issues and a gradual need to let go of all that no longer served us.

What opportunities/ challenges await in 2012?  The first half of the year promises to be intense, with Mars retrograding in Virgo on the 23rd of Jan and Venus following suit in Gemini from the 15th of May to the 27th of June.  Relationship dramas will take up much of our energy in the first half of 2012 but will simmer down once July is past.  Mercury will retrograde 3 times in both fire and water signs, so watch out for communication stuff-ups, travel delays, and problems with paperwork and other documentation in March, July and November.  Jupiter’s transits of Taurus in the first half will see the blossoming and completion of projects started in the summer months of this year, and its shift into Gemini in the second half of 2012 will prove a fortuitous time for learning, traveling, and finding greater pleasure in our hobbies and studies.

Between the 1st-31st of December 2011, I will be offering a discount on forecasts for 2012 using a combination of tarot, astrology and oracle divination.  Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and priced at RM 150 per sitting.  Please see below for details of the consultation:

New Year Forecast Package

  • Zodiac Tarot Forecast:  A tarot spread to examine the major themes that will be in effect throughout 2012. An in-depth look at opportunities for career, finance, love, health, spirituality and general well-being.
  • Monthly Tarot Forecast:  A month-by-month breakdown using the tarot to discover the best times to move house, start a new relationship, plan for a new career, travel overseas, etc.
  • Astrology Forecast:  Using personal birth details (time/ date/ place of birth) to construct a planetary overview of the challenges and opportunities that await in 2012.
  • Firdaria Report:  A brief report of the main and sub planetary period currently experienced, the one preceding it, and the one succeeding it.
  • Free Birth Chart for first ten customers!

Please contact me at mementomori666@gmail.com to make an appointment or if further clarification is needed.  All queries are welcome! Please book early as I have a limited number of slots available.

Love and blessings,



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