Valentine’s Day Tarot and Astrology Promotion – February 2012

What a whirlwind 2012 has proved to be so far! February has blazed in with the force of a tornado, uprooting all that we’ve held dear and propelling us onto greater things with the promise that challenges faced thus far will ultimately pave the way for amazing rewards. With spirited Mars turning retrograde in the sign of the virgin, all things Mercury-ruled have come under fire. Between the 23rd of Jan and the 14th of April, we will be coming to terms with issues surrounding communication, passive-aggressiveness, and the ability to be assertive without being aggressive. All matters pertaining to the Virgo-ruled 6th house (Health and Service) will also come to the fore: a lot of us will be revamping our day-to-day routines, working out misunderstandings with employers and colleagues, and trying to find greater meaning in the work that we do. Long-term health problems can also resurface at this time, demanding resolution. Skin ailments, digestive issues, nervous disorders, as well as stress and overwork are a few of the Virgo-ruled medical issues that can arise.

Relationships promise to be intense in the first half of 2012 with love planets Mars and Venus turning retrograde one after the other. With sexual Mars retrograde in the first quarter and Mercury joining suit in March, the third month of 2012 will be telling for a lot of relationships formed in the last quarter of 2011. During this period, a lot of us will be redefining how we feel about our sexuality and how comfortable we are in negating that thin line between love and sex. We are more given to reflection about intimacy, and how willing we are to actively pursue that (or those) who captivate us.


A stunning rendition of the zodiac's Twins by Lithuanian photographer and illustrator, Natalie Shau.

Sultry Venus enters her retrograde shadow phase on the 15th of April before she commences her backward transit of Gemini from the 17th of May to the 29th of June. In mutable air, Venus is flirtatious, fickle and given to double-dealing in relationships. Those born under the signs (or with an ascendent of) Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra will be especially prone to the effects of this retrograde. For many, a new soulmate can enter their personal sphere during this period. However, utmost caution and discretion must be exercised as relationships formed under the influence of a retrograde Venus can be fraught with sexual and romantic drama. These affairs, while passionate and insightful, can also be destructive and will ultimately disintegrate in the months following Venus’ forward motion. Existing relationships are also tested during Venus retrograde, and with Lady Love flitting through fickle Gemini, the temptation for promiscuous behavior and affairs can run high.

The retrograde of 2012 will be especially powerful as wily siren Venus forms a solar conjunction with the Gemini Sun during her retrograde motion. Relationships established during this time  – while offering the chance to redefine one’s identity and ego – can be severely detrimental to one’s social or financial standing in the long run. Look to the houses ruled by Mercury (Virgo and Gemini) for a more in-depth understanding of how Venus Rx will affect you.


For the month of February, I will be offering a discount on love readings using a combination of tarot, astrology and oracle divination, to uncover your deepest needs in romantic and sexual relationships. Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and priced at RM 150 per sitting.  Please see below for details of the consultation:


The Soulmate Package 

Normal Price: RM 400

Discounted Price : RM 150

  • Relationship Reading – using a combination of tarot and oracle divination, this spread examines challenges/ strengths in an existing relationship. An in-depth exploration of how you and your partner see each other, whether your hopes and goals are aligned, and what can be done to iron out the wrinkles.
  • Synastry Report – a comprehensive astrology report exploring relationship compatibility. Personal birth details essential as well as those of your (prospective) partner.  (Stand-alone Price : RM 200).
  • Personal Birth Chart – based on your personal horoscope, uncover how the planets contribute to your unique love style!
Please contact me at to make an appointment or if further clarification is needed. I have a limited number of slots available so please schedule in advance to avoid disappointment.
Love with light, and let love light the way!



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